Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I had the opportunity to read your paper "Three Decades in the Gay Community as a Straight Therapist"  Journal of Gay & Lesbian Social Services, Vol. 16, #2, Nov 2, 2004, for my social work foundation class at East Tennessee State University. I am so completely moved by you and your support of the gay community, especially during a time in our history when homosexuality was still considered a psychopathology and many gay therapists themselves were unable to come out of the closet and openly advertise themselves as a safe place for gays and lesbians to seek help. Your work with folks during the AIDS crisis is also admirable, and as someone who lost a number of friends in the mid 80's I can only imagine what that must have been like to facilitate support groups for this population.  I subsequently found your website and have to say, I love the way you present yourself with both warmth and strong boundaries, especially around the way you set up your fee scale."    10/23/2012

Beth E. Barber, MSW Intern, Graduate Student Success Specialist, School of Graduate Studies