Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Part of an email to Mike - used with permission)

And you, Mike, will always be the person who saved my life (or helped me to save it myself).  I have never forgotten that, and was asking if you were still working, b/c I am still running across some very troubled young men that really could use your help, but I haven’t broken them down yet… So, I know I have said it many times.......Thank you...........I doubt I would have made it this far, if you had not been the therapist closest to my  house, that year I was holed up there in my bedroom (1990-1991).  I was 27 that year, and   I am thrilled to be turning 50 in March. I wish you the best, in the rest of your career, and your eventual retirement.  This will be a huge loss for a lot of people.”     S. P.