Thursday, March 6, 2008

My first appointment with Mike was about 15 years ago. At the age of 29 I was court ordered to seek counseling. During that time and with Mike’s help and experience I was able to deal with issues I never would have admitted or knew how to handle on my own. After my court ordered "sentence" was complete I transitioned from a one-on-one session to a group counseling format that for me at the time was a very difficult thing to do. To talk about myself, my issues, and to be in a setting where I felt comfortable and safe to open up and really find out who I was. It’s because of that group, which lasted about a decade, and Mike’s ability to ask the right questions that I am who I am today. For me, counseling was something I never thought I needed or would benefit from – I was wrong. It’s one of the best things that I’ve ever done for myself and I owe that to Mike.
- Greg

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