Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michael Holtby is the best therapist I have ever gone to. Last year I had so many things going on in my life and in my head that I could not even complete a full thought before I moved on to the next and I was always frustrated. I had a very rough and complex year with many issues to deal with and new ones every day. I might add, the details of my life were not something I would share with anyone else and I felt completely comfortable with Mr. Holtby right away…..sharing everything.

He has helped me slow things down and sort the thoughts out and make wiser decisions towards my overall happiness. Mr. Holtby listens very intently to every word that I have to say and never misses a beat. He even remembers stuff that I have forgotten. He makes me feel very comfortable because I know he cares for my happiness and helps me figure out what it is that makes me happy.

The main thing is Mr. Holtby makes me feel safe and I know he is there each and every week for me no matter what.

If a friend or family member was having problems he would be the only one I would feel safe recommending hands down!
Laura C.

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