Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I’m a senior level executive who spent my life until age 35 in the closet, trying to be “straight”. When I finally had my first true relationship with a man, living together for 6 years I made several mistakes such as being codependent and afraid to commit to love and sadly ended up in Mike’s office searching for answers. Though I ended that relationship, thanks to working with Mike I experienced 7 years of tremendous growth as a gay man who now lives every day out, proud, confident and authentic. Mike made the process a very positive experience and basically changed the course of my life.

Now I have a partner who is warm, loving, caring and a lot of fun in addition to being the handsome and sexiest man I’ve ever known. If not for Mike, I would have never grown to the level where I could experience life like this and I highly recommend his services to anyone searching to grow into their best self. I believe that only when you reach that level will you attract someone of equal or better quality. There is a good reason why Mike is so much in demand in the gay community-its because he is highly skilled, honest, caring and has the highest level of integrity and ethics. Take the chance and call him and you will soon discover a bright new future following his guidance and advice.
Ben G.

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